These are the activities that appear in all the lessons. We have posted them below as separate PDF’s so you can download and print any of them you would like to use.

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Lesson 1: Democracy and Moral Questioning

1-1: Veil of Ignorance Exercise

1-2: Class Agreement

1-3: Exercise on Character

1-4: Being a Democratic Citizen

1-5: Exercise on Language

1-6: How to Talk to Each Other in the Classroom


Lesson 2: Relationships

2-1: Qualities You Look for in a Friend

2-2: Aristotle’s Perfect Friendship

2-3: Reading About Love and Abstinence

2-4: Questionnaire of Beliefs on Love

2-5: Friends with Benefits

Lesson 3: Consent

3-1: Example of Consent on Youtube

3-2: Boundaries of Consent

3-3: Consent and Changing Your Mind During Sex

3-4: Discussion of Consent and Alcohol

3-5: Scenarios with Consent and Alcohol

3-6: Discussion of Consent and Age

3-7: Scenarios with Consent and Age

Lesson 4: Coercion

4-1: Benevolence vs. Justice

4-2: Coercive Offers and Coercive Conditions

4-3: Rape Myths


Lesson 5: Your Lesson Here

Your Activities Here!


Lesson 6: Feelings — Jealousy

6-1: What Jealousy Makes Us Do

6-2: Who is Responsible for the Feelings of Jealousy?


Lesson 7: Feelings — Shame

7-1: Celebrity Shameful Moments

7-2: Vignettes About Shame


Lesson 8: Sexual Stereotypes

8-1: Characteristics of Sexual Stereotypes

8-2: The Intersection of Stereotypes and Other Identities

8-3: Stereotyped Groups


Lesson 9: The Media

9-1: Exercise with

9-2: Invention – Benefits vs. Harm

9-3: Design an Advertisement for Condoms

9-4: Discussion of Objectification

9-5: Scenarios with Objectification

9-6: Messages in Hip-Hop Songs and Videos

9-7: Videos Today and Yesterday

9-8: Write Your Own Rap


Lesson 10: Sexting

10-1: Dangers and Positive Outcomes of Sexting

10-2: Scenarios with Sexting


Lesson 11: Pornography

11-1: Mock Trials About Pornography


Lesson 12: Prostitution

12-1: NGOs and Prostitution

12-2: Articles About Prostitution and the John School


Lesson 13: Rape and Rape Culture

13-1: News Articles About Rape


Lesson 14: Religion

14-1: Religion’s Stance on the Body and Sex

14-2: Religion Matching Game


Lesson 15: Pleasure and Human Rights

15-1: The Treatment of Women and its Effects on Sexual Pleasure

15-2: Activity – Looking for Magazine Articles About Pleasure

15-3: Condoms, Pleasure, and Responsibility

15-4: Drawing Dictations

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