Sharon Lamb, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Counseling Psychology
Chair, Department of Counseling and School Psychology
University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, 02125


Training at your school (one day):  $1000 plus travel

9th grade curriculum: $50

Use of the curriculum (per semester) with online advice and support: $500/semester

If you are willing to participate in research we may be able to waive any of the fees.


This curriculum was initiated by Sharon Lamb but many of the lessons were co-authored by the following collaborators:

  • Judea Beatrice (who took the lead on stereotypes and pornography)
  • Kelly Graling (who took the lead on objectification)
  • Shin-Ye Kim (who took the lead on Sexting)
  • Bettina Love (who took the lead on the Hip Hop lesson)
  • Kara Lustig (who took the lead on stereotypes along with Judea and on age of consent
  • Paula Moebus (who started us thinking about shame)
  • Aleksandra Plocha (who took the lead on STD’s, co-wrote lessons, edited, and organized the readings)

Ethical points of view for this curriculum were developed from Michael Sandel’s Harvard course on Justice as well as presentations online from a Carnegie Mellon Professor Robert Cavalier on ethics. He inspired me to put this curriculum online for free. Thanks to SIECUS, Saint Michael’s College, UMass Boston, and the Association for Moral Education’s support.