We are very interested in having students and teachers add to this curriculum with their thoughts about what are the important ethical questions around sex and sex education. If you are using the curriculum and want to assign as a project to create a lesson, founded in philosophy but functional for sex ed, please send it to sharon.lamb@umb.edu, and we will tweak it, expand on it if necessary, and put it up, giving you credit!

2 thoughts on “Lesson 5: Your Lesson Here

  1. This curriculum is a much needed addition to the ways in which we currently teach adolescents about sex and sexuality. While you have definitely incorporated many aspects of morality in terms of sex, it seems as if the major component of diversity is no where to be found within this curriculum. While I’m hesitant to recommend a lesson specific to diversity issues, I do believe that diversity, in terms of an understanding of the ways in which these issues around sex and morality might be perceived differently from racial and ethnic minority children, needs to be incorporated within any curriculum which is positioned as having universal application. It seems as if only including race and ethnicity within the Lesson 9 under “Hip Hop and the Media” might have deleterious effects. It runs the risk of aligning teachers with inaccurate and stereotypic representations of race and presenting an outside assumption of race only being an important part of this conversation within the contexts of hip hop music. Hip hop music doesn’t exemplify all racial/ethnic minority communities and in assuming so, you are running the risk of assuming a direct relationship. It just seems as if there is a risk of giving the perception to others that since this is the only aspect of diversity that the authors: (1) consider diversity as separate from mainstream (White) issues related to sexual morality and (2) present the hip hop portion as a last ditch effort to include the forgotten diversity component.
    I don’t mean to be so harshly critical, but as much as I would want to use and recommend this curriculum, I simply cannot because of this gross oversight. I hope that future revisions will include a more apparent awareness of cultural competence.

    • Hi Leona, We haven’t been monitoring this site but I just now read your message and wanted you to know that our 9th grade curriculum and the newer curriculum we’re working on now has much more cultural competence! I appreciate your comments, even if 2 years later!!

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